Baron Bosa is a Whalelord who rules the island of Moga and is an old acquaintance of Count Vega. He owns the gambling house The White Whale, the biggest in Moga and he's also the captain of The Beluga.

Gender: Male

Weretype: Sperm Whale

Status: Alive

Homeland: Moga

Appears In: Shadow of the Hawk, Storm of Sharks

Characteristics Edit

Baron Bosa is truly a whale of a man, being tall with a large belly. Similar to Vega he tends to dress rather flamboyantly, with a lot of jewelry. His whale form is impressive, around 16 feet tall, his skin is white and riddled with old wounds. The head and torso merge into pure muscle and his mouth is filled with hard, stubby teeth that could crush rocks. In battle he wields a trident.

Personality Edit

Baron Bosa seems to be a rather eccentric person, who enjoys his neutrality in the conflicts, but after Count Vega is nearly killed by Hector, he decides to side with him, mustering all the pirates and Sealords under his command to create a fleet to oppose Lord Ghul. While many, like Ghul and Slotha consider him lazy, when the Whale chooses to fight, he can be deadly. Its his friendship with Vega that made him side with the Wolf.

History Edit

Shadow of the Hawk Edit

Bosa is first met at his gambling house, celebrating being reunited with his old friend Count Vega and was amused at the attempts of Duke Manfred of keeping his pride. He turned serious when asked Vega and Manfred about their reason of being there, and found himself a bit perplexed about what they told him about Drew. Then he assured the Wereshark and Werestag that he wont turn them to the Catlords and that he would remain neutral if they ever came to his island. He's later called by one of his men, who brought him to an injured Vega and Casper, wondering who nearly killed his friend.

Nest of Serpents Edit

Lord Flint informed Hector that Moga was set aflame, and the Baron was missing, also that Lord Ghul's men were killed.

Storm of Sharks Edit

Baron Bosa appears alongside Whitley, Florimo and the rest of the Sealords at Ghul's Fortress, fully transformed and with his weight threatening to break the floor, telling the Weresquid that he had no escape and he was defeated. After Vega had killed Ghul with his bare claws and teeth, he told the exhausted Shark that they would get him back to the Maelstrom.

Some time later, he Vega, Ransome and Florimo discussed the Bastian maps aboard the Nemesis. He also gladly celebrated that Vega had obtained all the codes and movements of the Bastian fleet from Opal, being excited that they would be able to attack the Bastian fleet stationed at Calico.

He and his ship The Beluga, as well as the rest of the fleet separated from the Maelstrom in order to put the plan in action.