Another old friend of the late King Wergar, the Ramlord is all but removed from the politics of the Seven Realms. Locked away inside his old keep on Sapphire Bay, he has turned his back on the bickering of the Werelords, finding comfort in a simpler, more peaceful life. Only it's not always easy to remain removed from conflict, especially when trouble can often come knocking…

Gender: Male

Weretype: Ram

Homeland: Haggard

Status: Deceased

Family: Count Kesslar(cousin), Lord Eben (son), Baron Edwin (father)(deceased)

Fate: sacrificed himself to save Trent Ferran, before he died from the wounds he had sustained

Appears In: Rage of Lions, Shadow of the Hawk

Characteristics Edit

Baron Ewan is a short, broad shouldered man, with gray hair and a short goatee. His therian form is that of a large ram.

Personality Edit

Ewan is a kind-hearted person who tends those who are injured, a magister of sorts, and while he fought on occasion during Wergar's wars, he prefers not to fight unless necessary. After High Stable was taken over by Vankaskan and the Catlords, he lost hope, knocking Drew out, believing that if he delivered him to the Wererat his people would be safer. After Whitley and the Romari fought back, he regretted his action and fought alongside the Horselords.

He proved to be a good judge of character when he realized that Trent was doubting his brother's actions and adviced him to look for his own answers. When Trent was attacked by Sorin and Lord Frost, despite knowing he would die, he defended the young Redcloak and told him to leave him, before dying.