Bo Carver is the self-proclaimed Lord of Thieves, who is first summoned by the Wolf's council in order to find out if there are indeed tunnels underneath Highcliff in exchange for being imprisoned in a more comfortable cell.

Gender: Male

Family: Pick(foster daughter)

Allegiance: Duke Bergan

Status: Alive

First Appearance: Rage of Lions

Appearance and personality Edit

Bo Carver is a bald man around the same age as Vega, with a sea serpent tattooed on his face.

Carver is cunning, street-smart and occasionally distrustful, but he has nonetheless shown loyalty to those who trusted him, which is why he returned to save the Bearlord even though he could have escaped. He also cares about Pick, who sees him as a foster father. Also, despite being a thief, he isn't a murderer, hence why he distrusted Ringlin and Ibal.


The Lord of Thieves helped Bergan escape the Garden of the Dead after he ended up in a coma during the taking of Highcliff. He then accompanies Bergan to Icegarden where he is almost killed by Ringlin and Ibal, Hector's Boarguard.

It is later revealed that he was just knocked out and then imprisoned alongside Duke Manfred, helping the Staglord release the prisoners once Hector freed them. He participates in the final battle for Lyssia, and, along with Pick and Reuben Fry, kills Oba.