Count Kesslar is a character in the Wereworld series. He is a weregoat. The disgraced Goatlord once ruled the city of Haggard, alongside his cousin, the Ramlord Baron Ewan. After a string of terrible deeds, the slave-trader was exiled, unwelcome throughout the courts of the Seven Realms. There are, however, other ports where the vile Goat may find safe harbour.

Weretype: Goat

Gender: Male

Family: Baron Ewan (cousin) (deceased)

Status: Unknown, but probably deceased

Fate: The Behemoth hit him with his war hammer, sending him down a waterfall

Appears In: Rage of Lions, Shadow of the Hawk

Characteristics Edit

Kesslar is 20 years older than Ewan, his hair is also gray and has a longer goatee. His therian form is considered heinous, his horns are long, curved and very thick, while his body hair is gray and his eyes are bulging gold; a devil incarnate.

Personality Edit

Ruthless, cruel and greedy, Count Kesslar will stop at nothing to get what he wants. He is always looking for people to sell and believes he should be the absolute ruler of Haggard and the Longridings, being highly disdainful of his cousins the Weresheep. Since he doesn't tolerate disloyalty, he blackmailed his loyal hit-man Djogo, by threatening the life of the person he cared most, Lady Shah. Kesslar has proved to be cunning when he successfully robbed his former partner Lord Ignus of his most precious belongings, knowing when to flee. Despite seeing most people as either merchandise or servants, he felt something similar to true friendship towards the also traitorous Werehawk Skeer. His biggest weakness was his arrogance, since he believed that by bribing the Behemoth he could escape, but the Weremammoth didn't cared about riches.

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