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Count Vega is a character in the Wereworld series and is a Wereshark. He is the rightful prince of the Cluster Isles, but he had his title taken by his former ally a Weresquid, Known as The Kraken Ghul. The flamboyant and charming Pirate Prince, Vega is a Werelord without a throne. Cast out of his palace in Cutter's Cove by King Leopold, the Sharklord has been a pirate for these last fifteen years. Desperate to ingratiate himself to his king, he isn't trusted by his fellow Werelords, who have never forgiven him for his traitorous actions during the last Werewar. On board his ship the Maelstrom he's perhaps the deadliest single force on the White Sea. He undergoes a change of heart when he meets Drew Ferran, and is loyal to the Wolf from then on, even becoming his sea marshal.

It was thought that he was killed in the last book by Djogo, but Duke Bergan later suggested that he was alive.

Weretype: Shark

Gender: Male

Family: Casper (Son), Deadeye (Cousin), Lady Shah (Former Lover)

Homeland: The Cluster Isles

Status: Alive

Fate: Preparing for war alongside Drew and his allies in Bast (book 5). Disappeared with Casper and Shah after supposedly being killed. Bergan's comments implied that he was alive (book 6).

First Apperance: Rise of the Wolf

Appearance Edit

Count Vega is a glamorous and flamboyant man in his early forties with black hair and blue eyes. He speaks with a slightly exotic accent and dresses rather appropriately for a Pirate Prince. After being imprisoned and tortured by Ghul, he was seen as a shell of his former self; however, he slowly began to recover after he and the other prisoners were freed by Drew and the children of the pirates of the Cluster Isles. He fights using a rapier. His shark form is that of a Great White Shark.

Personality Edit

Count Vega is usually polite and charming, capable of easily interrogating prisoners. While many consider him untrustworthy because of his actions in the past, throughout the books he showed his loyalty to Drew and the Wolf's Council. After realizing that Leopold would never give him back what it was his, he decided that supporting Drew was a way of making amends for his past betrayal. He is also very protective of his son Casper, capable of murderous rage if someone endangers him.

History Edit