Duke Bergan is one of Drew's greatest allies in the Wereworld series. He is a Werebear, the husband of Lady Rainer and the father of Lord Broghan and Lady Whitley. A survivor of the last Werewar, his allegiance to the late King Wergar came to an abrupt end when he forced the Wolf to surrender to Leopold. Tall, broad and barrel-chested, the bushy-bearded Werebear cuts an impressive figure. The Bears of Brackenholme traditionally protect the whole of the Dyrewood but their power has diminished down the years so much so that the most they've been able to marshal is the central forest immediately round the city and Dymling Road itself. Now in his late sixties, the future of the Woodland Realm lies in the hands of his children - in particular his son, Lord Broghan.

Weretype: Bear

Gender: Male

Homeland: Brackenholme

Family: Lady Rainer (Wife), Lord Broghan (Son/Deceased), Lady Whitley (Daughter), (Baron Redfern (Lord of Darke, Brother) Duke Henrik (Cousin/Deceased), Lady Greta (Cousin by Marriage), Duchess Freya (Aunt by Marriage), Duke Ragnor (Uncle), Drew Ferran (Son-in-law)

Status: Alive

Fate: Returned to govern his original home, Brackenholme.

Appears In: Rise of the Wolf, Rage of Lions, Nest of Serpents, Storm of Sharks, War of the Werelords

Characteristics Edit

Bergan is an impressive person, being around six feet tall, broad and barrel-chested with a flat nose, a thick beard and quite muscular. His Bear form is colored brown and wields a broad axe in battle.