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High Lord Oba is a member of the Forum of Elders; co leader of Bast and the father of Lord Onyx and Lady Opal.

Gender: Male

Weretype: Panther

Family: Lord Onyx (son) (deceased), Lady Opal (daughter), unnamed grandchildren

Homeland: Braga

Status: Deceased

Fate: Killed by Bo Carver and Reuben Fry

First Appearance: Storm of Sharks

Characteristics and Personality Edit

Oba, despite not being as old as Leon or Tigara, is still just as fit as his children, nearly as tall as his son, with the same ebony skin and green eyes.

Lord Oba showed to be manipulative, cunning and ruthless, believing Bast's glory was thanks to the panthers. Clearly favoring his son over his daughter, it made Drew think that it explains how Opal came to be like that. He was aware that Leopold was no longer of use and that Lucas was the one who killed him, and he also knew the truth about the murder of Lord Chang, and was willing to hurt, even kill, his own daughter for divulging the secret.

He believed humans were beneath the Therianthropes, and looked to enslave them if he ever ruled.