High Lord Tigara is the High Lord of Felos, and the leader of the Tigerlords. He's the grandfather of Taboo and the father of Field Marshal Tiaz. Leon exiled his granddaughter, because Tigara pleaded for her clemency. He allied Felos with The Wolf to save his granddaughter, and to oppose Oba and Leon's deceit and betrayal.

Gender: Male

Weretype: Tiger

Family: Tiaz(son), Taboo(granddaughter)

Homeland: Felos

Status: Alive

First Appearance: Storm of Sharks


He was described as the fiercest and most tempestous of the Three Elders, and had comical red sideburns, contrasting his palid skin. He has a barrel belly and had a thick head of ginger hair. He's a close friend of Lord Chollo, the Werecheetah of the Teeth.

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