King Leopold is a character in the Wereworld series. He was a Werelion, the Tyrant of Westland, the second husband of Queen Amelie and the father of Prince Lucas. Tyrant of Westland, Leopold comes from the southern continent of Bast and assumed the throne fifteen years ago. For hundreds of years Westland was known as the Land of the Wolf with King Wergar, the last king of this line until his undeserving death at the hands of Leopold during the last Werewar. As such it is now the domain of the Lion, who subsequently proclaimed himself as ruler of all the Seven Realms. Although now considering Highcliff his home, his ties to 'the old country', Bast is still strong. A headstrong megalomaniac he'll do everything in his power to see the last of Wergar's children dead.

Weretype: Lion


Homeland: Bast

Family: Queen Amelie (Wife) (Deceased), Prince Lucas (Son) (Deceased), High Lord Leon (Father) (Deceased) Lord Onyx (Cousin) (Deceased),  Lady Opal (Cousin)

Status: Deceased

Fate: Is killed by various Catlords

First Appearance: Rise of the Wolf

Appearance Edit

Leopold is 6 feet tall with blond hair. His Lion form is around 9 feet tall, muscular and powerful. In battle he wields a silver-blessed greatsword.


Early LifeEdit

Little is known about Leopold's early life except that he was born in the continent of Bast. His cousin is Onyx, the Beast of Bast and his other cousin is Opal, the Beauty of Bast.

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