Whitley is a character in the Wereworld series. She is a Werebear, the daughter of Duke Bergan and Lady Rainer and the younger sister of Lord Broghan. Naive and unused to the wider world, the hapless Whitley has a lot if growing up to do. The apprentice scout hails from the woodland city of Brakenholme. Whitley's influential father is worried by the young Greencloak's choice of profession, therefore he is ensuring the apprentice studies under the watchful eyes of Master Hogan Chett, chief scout to Duke Bergan, the Bearlord. She is a less clear success in most eyes. 


Status  Deceased 
Fate Dies from a fatal blow by the silver blessed wolfshead blade. 
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown

Duke Bergan (Father)

Baron Redfern (Uncle)

Lady Rainer (Mother)

Lord Broghan (Brother) (Deceased)

Lady Gretchen (Cousin)

Lady Greta (Cousin by Marriage)

Duchess Freya (Great Aunt by Marriage)(Deceased)

Duke Ragnor (Great Uncle)(Deceased)

Duke Henrik(Cousin)(Deceased)

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