Lord Conrad is a Werehorse and nephew of Duke Lorimer, who takes charge of the Horselords after the Catlords made their presence known and took over Cape Gala.

Gender: Male

Weretype: Horse

Age: 19

Family: Duke Lorimer (uncle)(deceased)

Status: Alive

Appears In: Rage of Lions, War of the Werelords

Characteristics Edit

Conrad is a handsome young man with a thin beard, long blond hair tied in a ponytail and blue eyes. His horse form is a white stallion with a yellow mane.

Personality Edit

Similar to Drew, Conrad at first seemed idealistic, even naive, supporting the Horselords ideas of independence, but after Opal murdered his uncle in front of him, he decided to make a stand against the Bastians and the Wererat, showing his bravery and capabilities of leadership, trying to convince Baron Ewan to make a stand. He even stepped in and defended Whitley from the wrath of Duke Brand, without really knowing the cause of the werebull's anger.

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