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The cunning albino Catlord is one of Onyx's most trusted advisors. A lover of all contests, be they of the mind or body, Frost delights in the hunt, often indulging himself in moments of brutal, animalistic pleasure as he embraces the Panther within.

Gender: Male

Weretype: Panther

Homeland: Bast

Status: Deceased

Fate: Decapitated by Trent Ferran.

Appears in: Rage of Lions, Shadow of the Hawk

Appearance Edit

Frost is an albino, with white hair and skin, his eyes are pink. His panther form also has white fur and pink eyes.

Personality Edit

While Frost first appeared to be civilized and rather friendly with Trent, he's a ruthless and savage while hunting. His downfall was underestimating Trent, since he was killed by the same blade he blessed with silver.