Lord Milo is the youngest son of Duke Manfred, who recklessly rode to Windfell in order to find aid in the defenses of Stormdale. Befriending Drew, after the battle he followed him all the way to the Dyrewood, and the Werewolf convinced him to leave most of his father's armor behind, but agreed to let him keep the breastplate. During the battle of Brackenholme, he released the prisoners of the Wyldermen, and saved Red Rufus life by getting in the way of a Wyld Men's knife, with only the breastplate saving him. He later accompanied his brother Reinhardt and the knights of Stormdale in the march towards the Sturmlands, encountering Trent Ferran.

Gender: Male

Weretype: Stag

Age: 13

Family: Duke Manfred (father), Lord Reinhart (brother), Lady Mia (sister), Earl Mikkel (uncle)(deceased), Baron Hoffman (great-uncle)

Homeland: Stormdale

Status: Alive (book 5)/Deceased (book 6)

Fate: Killed and partially devoured by Lucas

Appears In: Shadow of the Hawk, Nest of Serpents, Storm of Sharks, War of the Werelords