Queen Amelie is a werewolf but, unlike Drew Farren or Wergar, both Grey Wolves, she is a White Wolf. She was formerly Wergar's wife but when Leopold took the kingdom, he took the queen as his wife and had Prince Lucas; a Werelion like his father. She was thought to be the last White Wolf, until it was revealed in War of Werelords that two other White Wolves still live: Miloqi, a seer and healer, and Mikotaj, a barbaric warrior.

In Rise of the Wolf, she is described as solemn and sad. But, as the books progress she becomes more emotionally stable, helping Drew to escape Highcliff in Rage of Lions.

In Shadow of the Hawk, she is aboard the Maelstrom with Vega, Hector, Manfred, Bethwyn, Figgis and Casper. She reluctantly agrees to desert Hector for the good of the group.

Basic Info
Age Unknown
Fate Falls on Hectors's  knife killing herself. Later risen from the dead as a ghoul.
Status Deceased (Ghoul)
Hair Color White
Eye Color Brown

Unamed Children (Deceased)

Drew Ferran (Son)

Prince Lucas (Son) (Deceased)

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