Queen Slotha is the ruthless and short-tempered ruler of Tuskun and mistress of the mighty Ugri, a tribe of warriors known for their resilience and ferocity.

Weretype: Walrus

Gender: Female

Status: Deceased

Fate: Her neck was snapped by Hector at Highcliff.

Homeland: Tuskun

First Appearance: Shadow of the Hawk

Characteristics Edit

Slotha is an ugly and intimidating woman, nearly as tall and broad as her warriors, always letting some of the Walrus in. Her skin is pasty and pale, her hair, long and greasy, and her hands are always partially webbed and with claws. She wears tattered clothes and a bearskin cloak. Her walrus form is monstrous; her skin is dark-brown and filled with calluses, her feet turn into flippers and her hands become webbed and clawed. She also has long whiskers and yard-long tusks.

Personality Edit

Slotha showed to be proud of her heritage as a werewalrus, violent and short-tempered. Her pride allowed Hector to manipulate her into taking him back to Highcliff, and when the Boarlord had enough of her, Vincent killed her. She was extremely bloodthirsty.

History Edit

While not much is known of Slotha's past, she was born as the daughter of the previous Walruslord, and in her youth Baron Huth visited Tuskun to see if a betrothal could be made, but she and her father found him to weak to their taste. During Leopold's takeover, she supported the Lion, gaining total control of the Northwestern coast of Lyssia and started calling herself a queen.

Shadow of the Hawk Edit

Slotha is first mentioned by Count Vega as one of the allies the Lion has in the White Sea, alongside Lord Ghul.

After Hector is abandoned on Friggia and finds himself surrounded by the Ugri, he demanded them to take him to their queen. Slotha is first seen surrounded by her men and executing a man whose crime was calling her a 'fat cow', transforming easily and quickly killed the man with her tusks. When it was Hector's turn and he told her who he was, she almost executed the Wereboar, but after Hector convinced her he was of more value to Prince Lucas alive, she agreed on taking him back to Highcliff.

Before their arrival to Highcliff, she told Hector how she reminded her of his father and how she didn't want to dishonor the line of the walrus by marrying him and how she has interest in a betrothal between the Walrus and the Lion. At the throne room, they were met by Vanmorten and Opal as Lucas' counselors, and despite being thanked, the discussion started to heat up, and when Lucas ordered Hector's execution, she sliced Hector's face with her claws, but before she had time to react, Hector snapped her neck with the power of Vincent-Vile, while trying to transform. Per the Ugri's code, since Hector killed their chieftain, he gained the loyalty of all the warriors who previously served Slotha.