The Dyrewood is a humoungous forest within the werecreature continent of Lyssia. The Dyrewood rests roughly in the center of Lyssia surrounded by the Barebones to east, the Longridings to the south, Westland and the Cold Coast to the west, and the Dalelands to the north. Also to the west, lies a smaller but equally dangerous forest called the Wyrmwood. Both the Wyrmwood and the Dyrewood contain an immeasurable amount of dangerous creatures. Both forests also contain Wylderman, crazy and dangerous wild humans with sharpened teeth, dirty and gruesome appearances, and grimy handmade weapons and clothes. All the Wylderman serve the great sorceress and Wereserpent Vala, who resides in the Wyrmwood. The Dyrewood however, is home to the great Werebear stronghold and its city which both lie at the center of the immense forest. Five humoungous trees are home to the Werebear lords and ladies in the center of the forest. The biggest tree, or the Great Oak, is home to the Bearlord and ruler of the forest realm, Bergan and his family. The smallest tree, the Black Oak, is the kingdom's prison. The Black Oak has never born any leaves or greenery no matter the time of year while the other four trees are grand and beautiful. There are a large variety of other dangerous creatures within the densely spaced trees as well.