Ghul, also known as the Kraken, was the ruler of the White Sea and Count Vega's mortal enemy. He has complete control over his therianthropy and sides with the invading Bastians during the Werewar. 

History Edit

Ghul use to work for his nemesis, Count Vega, but took his titles and power when Leopold overthrew Wergar. Vega had helped Leopold, but the Lionlord said that Vega was a traitor and gave his lands to Ghul. 


Ghul was killed by Count Vega during book five. He was chopped to pieces by the Wereshark after he threw Casper out the window. This was not fatal, as Casper is a Hawklord. The Shark was distressed by what he believed was the loss of his son and attacks, changing while manacled. Drew manages to stop him before he loses his hands. His sea fortress is destroyed and Drew and his allies take Opal, Ghul's commander, prisoner.