Werecreatures (also known as Therianthropes or Shape-Shifters) are the rulers of Lyssia that can change into various animal forms. The males are known as Werelords and the females are known as Wereladies. Werecreatures usually mate with other Werecreatures, but on some occasions they will mate with a mortal. The offspring will usually inherit the shape-shifting ability.

The paternal line is the main factor in inheriting Therianthropy, but on very rare occasions the maternal line will become the dominant one; Casper is so far the only known Werelord who inherited his therianthropy from his mother, the werehawk Lady Shah, while his father, Count Vega, is a wereshark.

The main difference from regular humans(other than the shape-shifting) is the capability of rapidly healing wounds that would be fatal for a normal person, although if enough injuries are sustained, they could die. Injuries from a fight among werecreatures can also be fatal, and the death is immediate if they're decapitated or stabbed in the heart.

The biggest weakness to all werecreatures is silver, an injury cannot be healed immediately, a well aimed blow can be fatal and not even the strongest skins are immune to getting pierced. Silver restraints prevent werecreatures from transforming, and if they try they could severe their limbs or even get decapitated. Silver is so deadly to Werelords that during the reign of Wergar, it was outlawed, its mining being punishable by death and possession of silver items could be punished with a life in prison. The Catlords of Bast don't share the same thoughts about silver, King Leopold allowed some elite soldiers of the Lionguard to own silver-blessed weapons.