Werehawks are a type of Werecreature that appear in the Wereworld series. They are people who can take a hawk-like form. The Werehawks rule over Windfell and are among the deadliest avianthropes in Lyssia, serving as scouts and bombardiers, they were crucial in the conquering of Azra during Wergar's campaign. A Hawklord is strong enough to carry a human, although they needed two to carry the Weremammoth Behemoth. The Werehawks buried their dead high in the mountain of Tor Raptor and they made sure no one would stole their earthly riches.

The Hawklords are among the Therianthropes that suffered the most from the tyranny of Leopold, since they were the most loyal followers of King Wergar, refusing to acknowledge the new king, like the Bearlords and Staglords have done, until they were betrayed by Skeer. Leopold decided to make an example from their leader, Baron Griffyn, by clipping his wings with silver and forbidding their avianthropy under the penalty of death. With Baron Griffyn and his daughter Lady Shah enslaved by Skeer and Count Kesslar, most Hawklords abandoned Windfell and lived like normal humans, until they were called back by Drew Ferran, recovering Windfell and killing Skeer. They were later sent by Drew to assist the defense of Azra, fighting the Vulturelords from Bast.

Known WerehawksEdit