Werewolves are a type of Werecreature that could change into a wolf. A Werewolf was also known as a lycanthrope. Werewolves were among the Werelords of Lyssia. Werewolves are able to draw additional strength from the moon, and are feared by all werelions. There are two groups of werewolves known in Lyssia: the white wolves, which Queen Amelie belongs to. The other are the gray wolves, Drew is the last one among them.

Weaknessess Edit

  • Silver - The one of the most fatal substances to werewolves
  • Mistletoe - a plant poisonous to both werewolves and humans
  • Wolfsbane - Purple: a poisonous plant with color that vary from dark purple to a bluish-purple. Yellow: a yellow and much more poisonous variety of wolfsbane that is very rare.

Known WerewolvesEdit

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