Naive and unused to the wider world, the hapless Whitley has a lot of growing up to do. The apprentice scout hails from the woodland city of Brackenholme. Whitley's influential and courtly father is both disappointed and worried by the young Greencloak's choice of profession as a scout and ranger of the Dyrewood, ensuring the apprentice studies under the watchful eyes of Master Hogan, chief scout to Duke Bergan, the Bearlord. Whitley encounters Drew in the Dyrewood shortly after Drew's foster mother dies. Drew at first mistook her for a boy but learns later that she is actually a girl.Together, the three journey to Brachenholme, heart of the Dyrewood. Along the way, they're attacked by Wyldermen and Hogan is severely injured but Drew saves them in his wolf form and they finish their journey at Brackenholme.

She is also the friend of Drew Ferran and of Gretchen the Werefox. 

Weretype: Bear


Homeland: Brackenholme

Status: Deceased

Fate: Slashed by Lucas with the Wolfshead blade.