Wyldermen are a large number of tribes of wild men from the Dyrewood, making the entire forest their home. The Wyldermen are infamous for there brutality and savagery in battle, with all attempts at peace or dialogue between either side ending in bloodshed. Not only that, Wyldermen are also cannibalistic, feasting on both human and therian. Apparently, they all worship the Wereserpent Vala who was believed to be slain by Drew in order to save Gretchen, who was supposed to be a sacrifice to her. However, she was actually killed by Drew and Whitley in the Battle of Brackenholme.

The Wyldermen are very territorial, and fighting among tribes is common, but they are capable of getting along if there's a strong leader guiding them. While hunting either human or beast, they use a variety of animal sounds to signal each other, and both Drew and Trent used this in order to know if they were close. Since each tribe has its own dialect, they prefer to communicate using body language and intimidation. 

The never use steel weapons, preferring to fight using stone knifes and axes, poisonous darts and their bare teeth, which they sharpen to look like fangs. 

Most of the tribes answered Vala's call, attacking Brackenholme in large numbers and, mercilessly killing or capturing it's defenders, keeping them like cattle to be eaten later with the intention of making the city the new realm of their Snake Goddess. With the arrival of hundreds of wolves and the Romari forces--and the slaying of Vala at Drew and Whitley's hands--hundreds of Wyldermen are killed and the remaining scattered. However, Darkheart takes over their leadership and gives their loyalty to Prince Lucas. 


When Prince Lucas gave Darkheart the severed hand of Drew, the shaman used magic on the hand, turning his fellow men into what Lucas calls his Wyld Wolves. From then on, the Wyld Wolves of Dyrewood followed Lucas' side, goring, ripping, and murdering anything that Lucas told them to. They are a mockery of the Gray Wolves, with no humanity left in them-- they are simply hungry for flesh. The only exception is Darkheart, who keeps most of his consciousness and is still able to speak. 

Known Wyldermen Edit

  • Coldblood, the shaman of Wyrmwood, killed by Drew and reanimated by Hector.
  • Darkheart, Coldblood's son and Vala's most loyal disciple. Leader of the Wyld Wolves
  • Blacktooth, a member of the Blood Feather tribe. Killed by Trent.